More No-Nos for your consideration

Stephanie Buck’s “12 Things Students Should Never Do on Social Media” isn’t raising any eyebrows around digital publishing folks.

But it is a concern that writers are still churning these lists out, and since they are, what does that mean?

Yes, I’d say that students are still making these types of errors despite or because of the fact that it’s always been a part of their lives.

It is too easy to become neglectful of warnings we’ve all heard time and time again: “Never tell anyone you are leaving town via social media,” or “It’s not a good idea to friend your teacher and then make negative comments about said teacher.”

And when we are neglectful, the consequences may and can be anything from home invasion, robbery, bad grade, or worse, continuing circles of consequences–down to not getting or losing a job. Yes, William Faulkner was right about those darn circles.

Before your next rant via social media, stop. Tell your dog or your cat, but not your boss, your teacher, or the world.

Oh, and that picture of you at the party last weekend? Delete it now. Faulkner missed that tip.


One thought on “More No-Nos for your consideration

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